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Are you as passionate about horror movies as we are? Would you like to get involved?

We would love for you to become a part of our Bad Blood Films TRIBE and join us our journey as we set out to shape the next decade of horror. Our aim is to engage with the horror fans and bring you closer to the magic of the movies. 

Our TRIBE members will be amongst the first to hear about our exciting news on our latest releases, what we are up to next and how you can get involved in our movies with opportunities to become a TRIBE investor and secure your place at a glitzy world premiere, becoming an extra in one of our films, visiting the sets as well as being entered into our prize draw for FREE Bad Blood Films merchandise.

We will scare, creep, shock and chill you to the bone and then rip your soul right out so you come back for more. 

What are you afraid of? Get in touch - The Bad Blood Films Team. 


Welcome to the Bad Blood Films Tribe!

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